Musical tribute to Craigavon Two

In this Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, a beautiful solidarity tribute to John Paul Wootton & Brendan McConville by Industrial Workers of the World folks singing duo Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino. #JFTC2

Our song in homage to Lucy Parsons, co-founder of the IWW.

Lucy Parsons Oh, Lucy Parsons, your light perseveres For a hundred and fifty years They’ve tried to put you in a box With lies, untruths, chains and locks Your personhood, your truth deny, To nullify your battle cry And didn’t you just confound them all And hurl down a knuckleball Oh, Fellow Worker, we sing this song for you And all our other Fellow Workers, too Oh, Fellow Worker, we sing this song for you And all our Fellow Workers in the I double double U Were you black or brown or red? To them It didn’t matter what you said If your line could be verified They could just sweep it all aside One thing is true it’s plain to see A rainbow’s flight is truly free With the rain that fell when the sun shone bright That fleeting arc fades out of sight Working for the revolution all of your many days “More dangerous than a thousand rioters” Isn’t that what they say? Around the world in many lands Fightin’ for the rights of working hands A voice that would not be confined Controlled, conquered or left behind Oh, Fellow Worker, persevere, We hear you still year after year The lies, untruths, chains and locks Couldn’t keep you in a box

© July 29, 2022 words & music by Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino

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