Igor Oliniewich went on a hunger strike!

We received information that on September 22, Igor stopped taking food as a protest against the actions of the prison administration.

“Since September 22, he has stopped taking food as a sign of protest against the actions of the prison administration. His demands are quite concrete, guaranteed by law, including the fact that his complaints are not sent to the appropriate authorities,” – wrote Igor Valentin’s mother –

“Igor has never resorted to this extreme means before. Knowing well the integrity of his nature and restraint, this is very disturbing… “

At the end of May he was transferred to the colony in Mozyrz. Since then, the anarchist has been under constant pressure – on August 8 it turned out that Igor will be tried in the case of strengthening the regime. He was transferred to prison number 8 in przodzin. As it turned out on September 24, on his birthday, he was placed in the so-called SHIZO i.e. Penalty goals.

It is a penitentiary that has targets for people “violating the detention regime”. The rights of those in prison are significantly restricted.

It is forbidden to meet, make a phone call, receive a package, buy any products, smoke.

Penitentiary prohibits bringing food and personal items with you except for necessary items (toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, towel, etc.) )

The maximum holding period for shizo is 15 days.

It’s one of the toughest penalties in the penal institution…

Our solidarity with Igor and all victims of the Belarusian regime!

The harm done to one is the harm done to us all!

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