Kite Line: Swift Justice On Alabama’s Prison Strike

Long running abolitionist radio show and podcast Kite Line speaks with Swift Justice about the state-wide Alabama prison strike.

Listen and Download HERE

This past week, we spoke to Swift Justice, who is an incarcerated organizer in Alabama. Thousands of Alabama prisoners began a strike last week to protest poor prison conditions across the state, where prisons are overcrowded, understaffed and notoriously dangerous. Today, Swift Justice speaks about the recent retaliation the strikers have faced. He updates us on the strike’s progress, some of the unprecedented challenges they are facing, and how he is inspired by the people who pushed the idea forward.

You can see the video they mention of Kinetik Justice a.k.a. Robert Earl Council here:

And the recent video on conditions is here:

We will keep updating our social media with ways to support them, and will continue to share coverage as the strike progresses.

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