Review of repressions against anarchists and anti-fascists for September 2022

In this section, we will try to briefly present an overview of the repressions against anarchists and anti-fascists in Belarus. You can supplement it by writing to us by mail or telegram @abc_belarus_2020

On September 5, another administrative trial took place over Igor Bantser and the next term was 15 days. Igor was detained on August 4, having broken down the door, and since then he has been twice sentenced to 15 days. Thus, Igor spent 45 days in the TDF.

On September 5, prominent punk musician Viktor “Mao” Zharkevich was detained . In a video posted by Trash, he is seen handcuffing a refrigerator door covered with anarchist and other protest stickers. He was sentenced to 13 days of administrative arrest.

On September 6, the following sentences were handed down to the anarchists in the case of an “international criminal organization”:

– Alexander Frantskevich * – 17 years old
– Akihiro Khanada-Gaevsky – 16 years old
– Marfa Rabkova – 15 years old
– Alexey Golovko – 12 years old
– Pavel Shpetny, Nikita Drants, Alexander Kozlyanko, Andrey Chepyuk – 6 years each
– Andrey Marach and Daniil Chul – 5 years

. Also, immediately after the trial, the arrests of people who came to support the guys began. During these detentions, human rights activist Nasta Loiko and another person received administrative arrests. A couple of days later, a group of lawyers who defended the anarchists in court were also detained.

Anarchist Dmitry Dubovsky was transferred to the Volodarsky pre-trial detention center for investigative actions in the 2010 anarchist case, in which Igor Olinevich, Alexander Frantskevich and Nikolai Dedok were convicted. In 2010, they tried to detain Olinevich and Dubovsky in Moscow, but Dima managed to escape. For about 10 years he was wanted.
Dmitry Nikolaevich Dubovsky
SIZO-1. 220030,
Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2

On September 24, anarchist Igor Olinevich was placed in a punishment cell, right on his birthday. Igor went on a hunger strike in protest. Previously, Igor was against hunger strikes and never resorted to them.
Igor Vladimirovich Olinevich
Prison No. 8, 22163
Zhodino, st. Soviet, 22A

On September 26, anti-fascists Vadim Rudkovsky , Daniil Marchenko and Pavel Sergei were detained . They received 11 days of administrative arrest.

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