Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from Irkutsk

Alfredo Cospito is an Italian anarchist political prisoner, a member of the “Informal Anarchist Federation” (IFA).

Cospito was convicted for the attack on Roberto Adinolfi, general director of Ansaldo Nucleare, and was later sentenced to life imprisonment for the events of the night of June 2 to 3, 2006 at the Carabinieri Cadet School in Fossano (Cuneo), where two small bombs exploded, causing no death or injuries and no serious damage.

However, in a third grade trial, the crime was qualified as attempted mass murder aimed at impinging on the security and safety of the state. In Italy it is possible to receive a sentence for such crimes even if there were no casualties.

On 20 October 2022, Cospito went on hunger strike at the Court of Appeal against his transfer to the 41 bis regime.

The 41 bis is a particularly strict regime, which imposes complete isolation,a  ban of any activity inside cell or prison, a ban on reading books and newspapers, as well as restricted communication with third parties and on receiving visits from relatives.

The movement of Irkutsk anarchists (DIAna) expresses solidarity with the imprisoned comrade!

Né galere, né repressione!
Solidarieta con Alfredo Cospito dai campagni da DIAna.

Burn the prisons! Resist against repression! Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from DIAna.

Свободу политическим заключённым! Движение Иркутских Анархисто_к

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