Bloody Sunday: Solidarity Action With Alfredo Cospito

On 30 January, Alfredo Cospito has been transferred from Bancali Prison to the SAI (Intensified Assistance Service) of Opera Prison in Milan.

Late night there was a protest action in solidarity and to demand his immediate release with banners declaring Against 41 Bis, State torture! United we are all, not a step back! Everybody’s out of jail, nobody’s in, just rubble!

The location of Alfredo Cospito’s has been stated as being transferred from Sassari to the integrated care service of Opera prison in Milan due to his health condition that is constantly deteriorating.

But in the statement released after the Council of Ministers which faced the topic, it is explained that “for the part of his own competence”, the Northern Minister “resists not to revoke the regime under Article 41 bis”. We can’t accept the words the government is spending on the case.

From the national coordination of Power to the People we wanted to reiterate it once again: the 41 bis is torture and is often used as state revenge!

Our banners read ‘Alfredo must not die!’

In Derry at the weekend as anarchists gathered for the annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice, a protest action in solidarity was held at Free Derry Wall for Alfredo to demand his release.

News footage:

The new address is:

Alfredo Cospito

Milan Opera House of Reclusion

40 Camporgnago Street

20141 Milan

Learn more at

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