Cospito denied a visit from a second trusted doctor

“They prevent us from having the right to health, according to them a single doctor must provide for the treatment needs of a prisoner on the 140th day of fasting” says the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini comments on the Ministry’s decision to deny the visit of a second doctor trusted doctor Giovanna Barbara Cicardi.

According to the Ministry, with the visits of Dr. Andrea Crosignani, Cospito’s right to health would already be satisfied. Taking into account that the prisoner is subjected to the 41bis regime to sever the connections with the anarchist world, one does not withdraw from having to admit an additional healthcare worker in order not to prejudice the rationale of the provision is the explanation.

But it’s not over. The lawyer continues: “In the 41 bis department of the San Paolo today there was the director of the work, the medical director of the San Paolo and the national guarantor of the prisoners.

Alfredo reports that they have made sibylline statements to him and that they want to scare him by warning him that the heart can suddenly give way, leaving him “half stupid in a wheelchair with a lollipop in his mouth”.

He doesn’t know how much they want to scare him and how much truth there is.
She fears being force-fed.

Great censorship on telegrams, 4 in two days”. The lawyer adds that he excludes that it was the prisoner’s guarantor who tried to intimidate and terrorize Alfredo Cospito. But in short, the torture continues.

(frank cimini)

Source: Anarchist Black Cross Derry

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