Update: Italian Anarchist on Hunger Strike

*Updated information on Alfredo*

Together with Marica Fantauzzi I have written several times to the director of Il Riformista to keep the attention on the Alfredo Cospito incident.

The following article was published on Friday, March 17. Today, Saturday 18, finally, Alfredo Cospito’s trusted doctor was allowed to speak with the doctors of the San Paolo Hospital where the anarchist is hospitalized.

Dear Director,

Many of the people who have followed the evolution of Alfredo Cospito’s hunger strike in these four very long months, are today wondering how far a body can hold on.

His lost almost 50kg, some limbs are beginning to unresponsive to stimulus, his legs are giving out, walking has become more and more tedious and movements are happening in a wheelchair. In such a delicate health scenario, it’s obvious why, despite the last and, we could say, daring return to jail, Cospito was taken to hospital.

In the prison of Opera, after all, we know that it was controlled, at night, through the peeping of the cell by a policeman who passed hours away. Clearly insufficient monitoring for a condition of this severity.

In the hospital, on the other hand, it can be monitored daily, you can intervene in a timely manner in case of a sudden crisis and, above all, there is a team of doctors that can proceed with adequate exams and therapies.

It is useful and necessary to spend a few words on this latter element: for the umpteenth time his trusted doctor has been prevented from communicating with his colleagues at the San Paolo hospital. It’s hard to understand what the reason for such a ban is.

To allow a serious patient charge, the minimum would be to allow the trusted doctor to confront, discuss, converge on the best therapy to follow, through a constant dialogue with the doctors of San Paulo.

On the other hand no, the doctor visits Cospito once (now twice a week) and as soon as he tries to interrogate with the people he sees every day, everything gets complicated and the authorization never comes.

And it is in the vagacity of the answers, in the silence of the bureaucracy, in the immobility of the structure that resides the anomaly: if 41 bis, as we will never stop repeating, was conceived for the sole purpose of restoring the links between the detainee and the criminal organization he belongs to, then someone has to explain to us, dear Director, What is the point of certain provisions.

In these months we have listed a few, from the difficulty of swallowing a sky devoid of gratitude to the impossibility of keeping the picture of your loved ones on the cell wall.

In other words, to those who ask: “what is 41 bis?” ” one could say that it all consists of the blatant superfluidity and the petty pretestiousness of the ban on communication between two doctors. And in the irrational and violent gratuity of this arbitrary power to punish.


Derry Anarchist Black Cross


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