Alfredo Cospito, his health deteriorates: “He had a heart attack and was dying. For him, irreversible damage”.

Updated on March 21, 2023

That’s what the doctor told Alfredo Cospito’s lawyer, Flavio Rossi Albertini

Alfredo Cospito told the doctor accompanying him and who examined him today (03/21) that “he felt a tremor in his hand and alerted the guard. After ten minutes, the nurse and doctor arrived, yelling and saying they had seen a heart condition on the monitor. They were very worried, he was dying. They saw a record on which there was a trace of a heart with a big shake. Then the situation came back and stabilized.”

That’s what the defense doctor told Alfredo Cospito’s lawyer, Flavio Rossi Albertini. “When he had this heart attack, he was given potassium in a vein, with great concern on the part of the doctors,” he explained.

The doctor added that the anarchist on hunger strike for more than four months yesterday had an instrumental examination and “doctors say he is at risk of paralysis for life”. Irreparable damage may have already occurred.”


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