Ireland Solidarity with Italian Anarchist Prisoner on Hunger Strike: Alfredo Cospito 

This week has witnessed a number of actions across the country with Italian anarchist, Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for the last 155 days.

In Dublin as in Belfast activists gathered outside the Italian Embassy and Consulate in both cities to express their solidarity with Alfredo and his demands for an immediate end to the Italian Government prison regime of forced isolation policy known as 41-Bis.  In each location activists gathered to highlight the demands to end this torture treatment of political prisoners as part of an international action. A banner hung outside the Italian consulate in the university area of Belfast, called of an end to the 41-Bis regime as anarchists held a vigil. 

In Derry, activists gathered at the cities iconic Free Derry Wall in the Bogside with a banner echoing to call to end the state torture of political prisoners. Meanwhile in a Milan hospital, under tight security, anarchist hunger striker, Alfredo Cospito life hangs in the balance.  In the past few days he has suffered a heart attack as his hunger for justice takes its toll on his body.  Despite this he remains confident in his demands for an immediate end to the 41-Bis policy introduced by the ruthless prison system within Italy. 

As actions continue in the streets across Italy against his imprisonment, his family and comrades are grateful for the international solidarity already received since Alfredo embarked on his hunger strike over 155 days ago.

A spokesperson for the revolutionary union, Industrial Workers of the World, whose members also include incarcerated workers said that: “The Industrial Workers of the World extends its love and solidarity to Alfredo Cospito, anarchist political prisoner in Italy, who is currently on hunger strike for 154 days, in a stand against the isolation of 41 bis!

“As part of an international call for solidarity we echo the demands of Alfredo in demanding an immediate end to the Italian State’s policy of isolation an torture through the 41 Bis regime. Alfredo’s demands that this policy must end immediately as he continues his hunger strike!”

End 41 bis!

End State torture of isolation!





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