Anger as Russian Anarchists Targeted, Tortured & Imprisoned!

Today a military court in St. Petersburg sentenced two anarchists (Viktor Filinkov and Yuly Boyarshinov) to 7 and 5,5 years in a criminal colony respectively for ′′ terrorist activities “.

It is part of a macroredade against Russian anti-fascism ( the so called ′′ Red ′′ case). Both accused have suffered torture and intimidation. The judge has ordered the destruction of the case documentation. Both were arrested by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in January 2018.
Twenty people detained in front of court for protesting against the sentencing.
Donations for defendants and detainees with PayPal to Moscow Cross black:
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Censorship & Blocking Access to Courts by Federal Bureau of Prisons


By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC)

Revolutionary greetings fellow workers! Today is June 2nd, 2020. The US Department of Justice has ordered the Federal Bureau of Prisons to place their facilities on a nationwide lockdown.

The Inmate Bulletin issued to the prison population said that the nationwide lockdown was a precautionary measure in light of the recent rioting and civil unrest throughout AmeriKa.

My experience as a federal prisoner has taught me that the oppressors who run these prisons subscribe to and embrace a Reactionary Ideology. This Reactionary behavior has been on full display here at USP Pollock.

One reactionary policy which has gone unreported is the recent censorship of prisoner communications as well as the blocking of our access to courts.

Since March 13th, 2020, prisoners here at USP Pollock in Pollock, Louisiana have had no access to Law Library Materials which includes the Education Legal Law Library Computer.

It is virtually impossible for prisoners to litigate pending civil or criminal actions without access to the Law Library Computer. What is remarkable is that mostly all federal facilities within the BOP allow prisoners access to the Law Library database on our housing unit.

Such is not the case here at USP Pollock. When I asked the Complex Warden Chris McConnell about this anomaly he said: “I do not have enough staff to monitor the Law Library Computer.”

Access to courts is one of the most zealously protected US Constitutional Rights, even for prisoners. However, I have noticed a pattern of practice and an unofficial policy whereby the prison administration here at USP Pollock do not just block access to courts but they censor outgoing communications which discuss in detail recent legal decisions regarding THE CARES ACT and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Censorship Exposed

On April 22nd, 2020 there were two significant rulings by the US Courts in regard to similar petitions filed by federal prisoners in two separate facilities that have been ravaged by COVID-19. Federal prisoners at FCI Elkton in Ohio asked the US District Court to order the BOP to release those qualified to Home Confinement.

The prisoners at FCI Elkton cited the fact that most of them were not just low security prisoners but were mostly older prisoners who had pre-existing conditions which made them especially vulnerable to contracting the Corona Virus. It is noteworthy to mention that there have been approximately six prisoner deaths at FCI Elkton as a result of COVID-19.

The US District Court in the northern district of Ohio ruled in favor of the prisoners at FCI Elkton and ordered the BOP to immediately release vulnerable federal prisoners to home confinement. The BOP with the aid of the US Department of Justice did appeal the District Judge’s order. However, instead of appealing to the 6th Circuit, the BOP went straight to the US Supreme Court. This was rather unusual because most imprisoned litigators know that you cannot leapfrog the Circuit Appellate court when appealing a decision of a US District Judge. Nevertheless, in a not so surprising ruling the US Supreme Court batted down the BOP’s appeal and sent the case to the 6th Circuit where it belonged. This happened recently in late May 2020 and we are awaiting the opinion of the 6th Circuit.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, prisoners here in Louisiana at FCI Oakdale filed a similar request in Federal Court as the prisoners housed at FCI Elkton in Ohio. I have personally reported that FCI Oakdale has suffered at least ten prisoner deaths as a result of COVID-19. What is remarkable is the US District Court in the Western District of Louisiana took the opposite stance of the Court in the Northern District of Ohio, ruling in favor of the BOP. Moreover, the District Judge in Louisiana seemed to chastise and admonish the Oakdale prisoners stating that he refused to become a “Super Warden” and involve himself in a matter the BOP had authority to remedy. The point is this, rather than release prisoners to Home Confinement the BOP has chosen to hold prisoners risking the chance that they may contract this deadly virus.

I would like to provide the specific case citings of both of these similar civil cases. I want you to analyze them and question the disparity in decisions made in a Northern Federal Court and a Southern Federal Court.

On or around April 25th, 2020 I wrote an article/essay entitled “Western District of Louisiana ignores Humanity of Federal Prisoners at FCI Oakdale.” I attempted to send this article to Fred Stein of IWOC-NYC and requested that he and his comrades transcribe my piece and share it far and wide. The censorship of free speech has become a favored tactic and strategy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I have also witnessed and experienced Federal BOP personnel retaliating harshly against any prisoner engaging in “Protected” conduct. The US Supreme Court has ruled that filing grievances and lawsuits fall under the umbrella of “Protected Conduct”.

As a journalist and activist I am privy to the laws that allow the reporting of events which are viewed as being of “Public Concern.” It is June 2020, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons still has not initiated a mass COVID-19 testing program for federal prisoners and employees. Remarkably, NABPP-Pc member Jason Renard Walker has reported that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has begun en-masse COVID-19 testing in its facilities.

President Donald J. Trump’s National Security Advisor Robert O’Bryan has said that he does not believe that systemic racism exists in the criminal justice system.

As we look closely at the recent Civil Rights Complaints filed by prisoners in Ohio and Louisiana and the disparity in the meting out of justice we must understand this:

“Racism and the scourge of white supremacy does not just exist in Amerikan Police Departments. Racism and implicit bias resides inside the prosecutor’s office, the Judge’s chambers, the jury box, and most certainly racism is present inside Amerikan prisons and jails.’

President Trump went to work right away appointing judges who would uphold the tenets of white supremacy in Amerika. We have people saying that President Trump is “Crazy.” This is a huge mistake. President Donald J. Trump has moved in a very pragmatic and methodical fashion in order to dismantle any Law, Program, or Policy that can be used by the people in order to remove the foot of the Capitalist oppressor off of our necks.

As the conversation progresses in regard to how we can “fix the system” it is my strong belief that we can’t build until something is demolished or destroyed. Our greatest strength as we proceed forward is our increased mutual aid, solidarity and direct action. It is important for me to say that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have had decades to address systemic racism in the criminal justice system and they haven’t done it –  why now?? Think about that for a minute.

As I contemplate and reflect on the Austin Police Department shooting a pregnant woman who was exercising her constitutional rights I am mortified. I was under the impression that Austin was the most liberal and progressive city in the state of Texas. I was wrong. I forgot that Austin is the home of one of the most bigoted Attorney Generals in America. Ken Paxton has shown his true colors in his zealous pursuit of keeping innocent and wrongfully accused prisoners inside Texas’s nation leading slave kamps and inhumane gulags.

However, I must ask for your forgiveness, I’ve digressed. Allow me to get back on this message and wrap up this essay.

If I were to be asked what I think may help address some of the inequality, racism, and abuse we see perpetrated by the police in America – outside of abolition of the police, I would suggest the creation of independent civilian oversight committees that have prosecutorial and subpoena power over all police departments and law enforcement agencies in America. Presidential candidate Joe Biden made a similar suggestion. I don’t trust Joe Biden. He has a horrible record when it comes to criminal justice. With Biden, black people are trapped between a rock and a hard place. Biden may be the lesser of two evils but he is not our ‘Savior’ nor is he our friend. He is a male Hillary Clinton – period.

I end this essay with a quote from journalist and activist/author Natasha Lennard’s book Being Numerous: Essays on a Non-Fascist Life: “We know better than to call upon the government or the courts to ban white supremacist events, especially under this white supremacist administration. Anti-Fascist activists have no interest in bolstering the state’s censorial oversight, and even less faith that only such censorship would ever be applied to white supremacists.”

I send out my clenched fist of solidarity to IWOC, IWW, ABC, and Black Lives Matter! I love y’all. Stay safe and stand up for Black Lives. Solidarity Forever!


FCI Elkton – Civil Complaint Filed by Federal Prisoners

  1. Wilson v. Williams 2020 US District Court LEXIS 70674 ND-Ohio April 22, 2020. Note: ND means Northern District.
  2. FCI Oakdale – Civil complaint filed by federal prisoners — Livas vs. Myers 2020 US District Court LEXIS 71323 (WD-Louisiana) April 22, 2020.

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is Assistant Editor of the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. He is studying and preparing to serve as Editor after his September 2020 release. Malik is co-founder and chief spokesperson for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and an activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. Visit Malik’s website at: and invite your social media contacts to visit the Bay View website:

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Starting an Anarchist Black Cross – A Guide

The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of anarchist groups and individuals engaged in practical solidarity with prisoners and broader anti-repression struggles that started over 100 years ago.

This zine is a resource for anyone wanting to start an Anarchist Black Cross group. It was a collective effort of people from various ABC groups across Europe. We hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Inside you can find articles and resources on:

  • What is the Anarchist Black Cross and why does it exist?
  • How do ABC groups organise
  • What do ABC groups do
  • An overview of international days of solidarity
  • Top tips for fundraising
  • How to keep an ABC group going
  • Taking care of each other while doing ABC work
  • Resources

Download a copy for reading (8mb): ABC Zine Small for Download

Download a high resolution version for printing (30mb): ABC Zine Pages – High Res

This zine is dedicated to Anna Campbell. Anna was killed by Turkish forces while fighting alongside Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in the defence of Afrin in March 2018.

Anna was a dedicated member of Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and took her commitment to solidarity and mutual aid to her grave.

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Russian Anarchist prisoner, Nikita Emelyanov Transferred

104484346_2715385535361846_4077759464977705516_nRussian Anarchist prisoner, Nikita Emelyanov, is being transferred to another prison regime. His family is continually pressured by the authorities since his arrest –
On May 29, a closed trial was held on the transfer of Nikita Emelyanov to another prison regime for numerous violations and refusal to sign any papers on obedient behavior and compliance with internal prison rules. Previously, he visited SCHIZO and later was transferred to the isolation room which is a type of chamber cell. He is expected to be sent to prison #8 in Zhodino.
At the same time, the authorities have stepped up further pressure on Nikita’s family, probably because of his position and his mother’s position, as she openly supports her son and proud of his actions. She reports threats and relentless harassment from the special services.
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Kent Police pay compensation after questioning anarchists under anti-terror laws

Screenshot-2020-03-20-at-11.22.44The Chief Constable of Kent Police has this year paid a cash settlement to an anarchist writer and organiser who they had stopped and interrogated under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act.

On 19th May 2013, Tom Anderson (a pseudonym to protect his identity) and another person was stopped while travelling by ferry from Dunkirk to Dover. The pair had been attending an anarchist festival in the Netherlands.

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2001 gives police the legal power to ask questions for the purpose of investigating terrorism. People who are stopped under Schedule 7 do not have the right to remain silent, and those who refuse to answer questions risk prosecution and imprisonment. The act is also widely used by police to confiscate electronic equipment such as phones and laptops. The police have the legal power to retain confiscated equipment for up to two weeks.

The pair were questioned for several hours without a solicitor present. Police officers also copied the contents of Anderson’s phone and laptop and retained them.

The police did not ask any questions relating to terrorism. Instead, the pair were interrogated about their role in anti-capitalist protests that were planned in London, timed to coincide with the G8 conference in Belfast in 2013.

The police also questioned Anderson about the articles he had written and about his solidarity visits to Palestine.

Tom Anderson said:

“The police are using Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act to harass radical political organisers in the UK. The majority of the time this act is used in a racialised way against people of colour.

Right now, Schedule 7 is being used on a large scale to target Kurdish freedom movement organisers. This is because they are part of a movement which wants to move beyond the state and capitalism.

The fact that the police settled this case out of court shows that their actions are going beyond their powers. Kent Police settled the case just before it was finally due to be heard in the High Court. This shows that they were worried they might lose.

I would encourage comrades who have been stopped under Schedule 7 to take similar claims against the police. These kinds of claims, if successful, might help to limit the police’s use of this repressive power a little.
But we also need to remember that if our actions and ideas truly challenge the state and power, then we will always experience repression.

Repression like this is intended to divide us. To make us too timid to challenge the system because we might be hounded, detained, interrogated and branded a ‘terrorist’. We need to stand with those who are being harassed and put under surveillance, and carry on working to build a movement which can outgrow the current system.”

The pair refused to answer the majority of questions. They were threatened with arrest for refusing to cooperate but were eventually released without charge. Anderson subsequently decided to bring a civil action against Kent Police, but it has taken seven years to settle his claim for unlawful detention.

This was not the first time terrorism powers have been used against anarchists from Britain and the north of Ireland. Others were stopped while returning from an international anarchist gathering in 2012 and the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017.

Commenting on the case, Kevin Blowe, coordinator of the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol), said:

“It is undoubtedly very helpful to the police to have terrorism powers available to stop and question activists on their political activities when they pass through British ports, because there is no right to silence – a refusal to answer questions can lead to a criminal conviction. The powers are also hugely intimidating – people can be detained for hours on end and have their DNA and fingerprints taken. There is now ample evidence Schedule 7 powers are discriminatory and draconian, undermine civil rights and are used to criminalise communities and political dissent. We want to see these powers abolished.”

Schedule 7 powers are often used in a racialised way. A report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission in 2011 found that only 19% of people stopped for over an hour under the act were white. A 2014 study by students at Cambridge University found that 88% of its sample of those stopped under Schedule 7 at a particular airport were Muslim. A 2019 report by CAGE found that police Schedule 7 stops of Muslims amounted to ‘racial and religious profiling’.

Earlier this year the police paid a settlement to a Muslim woman who had brought a claim against the police after she was stopped under Schedule 7 and forced to remove her hijab. Police also took her photo and DNA.

Image: Port of Dover, by DeFacto, published under CC BY-SA 4.0

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Since its inception, the State has always had worthy political opponents who have questioned the system of institutional annihilation on the individual and the proletarian classes, defining a bad factor who opposed by any means necessary to the police of every time.
Today we continue to be evil and subversive and admit it publicly because we want to eliminate any authoritarian form from our lives.
On June 12, 2020, Operation “Byalistok” took place for five comrades, precautionary custody in prison, while for two others took place.
Now, it is not important to stand behind their judicial technicalities, but it is necessary to reiterate that direct action, mutual support, rejection of every hierarchy and all authorities and that the practice of solidarity are an expression of our anarchist tension.
For what is known until now among the disputed crimes there are the attack on a Carabinieri barracks in Rome, the fire of two cars Enjoy dell ‘ Eni and also public initiatives.
The State, the government leading PD-M5 Stars and left offal and the carabinieri of the ROS, by their own admission continue to strike in a preventive way who, in their eyes is a political opponent of the state regime.

Solidarity and complicity always with those who fight against the existing, its defenders and against this quiet living and this alienating social peace imposed on repression, evictions, surveillance, checks, cameras, prison and daily oppression.

Subversives Val di Noto, June 14, 2020

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Weekly solidarity action for Basque Hunger Striker

Weekly international solidarity actions have taken place once again which have included solidarity vigils in both Derry and Dublin in an effort to highlight the ongoing hunger by Patxi Ruiz, Basque political prisoner.

Patxi Ruiz hunger strike is entering its 4th week of fasting in a Spanish jail to demand that political prisoners be relocated to prisons near their homes, an end to beatings and harassment, PPE equipment for prisoners, testing them and prison guards for the virus.

Patxi has been persecuted by the prison administration because he has not allowed himself to be broken, to apologise for the actions of the liberation movement, to seek individual concessions from the Spanish State.

Across the Basque Country pickets, solidarity fasts and demonstrations have taken place in Argentina by friends of the Basque Country who have launched a petition signed by hundreds, including a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Saturday’s solidarity actions in both Dublin and Derry have called for Patxi Ruiz’s demands to be met immediately by the Spanish State.

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Anarchist Giuseppe Bruna On Hunger Strike In Pavia Prison


Beppe who has been on hunger strike since May 11th in response to the prison’s failure to move him from the section in which he is currently located. He also says that no doctor has visited him since the pandemic broke out, despite the various cases of contagion found inside the Pavia prison. He has also not received any health treatment regarding his own medical conditions. Calls to the mother, sister and partner were authorised, but under absurd restrictions.

Beppe asks that people join him in his battle for a transfer to AS2 and states that he will conduct his hunger strike to the bitter end.

Write to him at:

Giuseppe Bruna, C. C. di Pavia, Via Vigentina, 85 – CAP 27100 Pavia (PV), Italia.

Contact the prison authorities:

Direttore: Stefania D’Agostino
Comandante: Commissario Capo Angelo Napolitano
Via Vigentina, 45 – CAP 27100 Pavia (PV), Italia.
Tel: +39 0382574701

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Prison Life Under Coronavirus Lock down


Everyone, everywhere, will be feeling the pinch of lockdown. Nobody has been left untouched and it’s not just the direct effects making their mark. We are seeing the indirect result too.

You will have noticed that many of the already existing problems in our society are being exacerbated. There have been plenty of reports of increased domestic abuse, mental health crises and financial instability to cite but a few examples.

But what has it all meant for the prisoners?

Well, in some senses it’s business as usual. Much of the freedom you have temporarily lost, never exists here in the first palace. And many of the freedoms you are relying on to cope, are completely beyond our reach. There are no Zoom parties, Netflix binges or streamed concerts here.

There has been an impact though.

All temporary release has stopped. This is generally used to help re-integrate people back to normal life prior to their full release. This is particularly important for those who have spent a long time in prison. They now face being dumped at the front gate with no time to adjust and no real support.

All education and other activities have stopped. Some have been working towards qualifications (for many for the first time in their life) and are left wondering was it all for nothing. Potentially, people will be put off further self-development as a result.

All in all, probably the best way to describe prison during Covid in mindless agony made more mindless and agonizing. These days, often monotonous and lacking in purpose, are now intolerably so. As a result, there is a real danger of a spike in terms of mental illness and drug addiction. And the situation was already far from okay.

Unless, or until, we can access reliable data on things like suicide and self-harm, we won’t be able to assess the damage. But be under no illusion, there will be damage. Unfortunately, by the time the information becomes available, it may be too late.

Although you still have your modern luxuries to help you cope, some insight into our experiences is possible. Next time you use the internet, your smart phone or relax in your garden with your family, reflect that we don’t have that privilege. For just a second, put yourselves in our shoes.

by John Paul Wootton

John Paul Wootton is a Miscarriage of Justice Prisoner, imprisoned along with Brendan McConnville as part of the Craigavon Two, who are currently being held in Maghaberry Goal.  John Paul describes himself politically as an anarchist and a vegan. You can write to him directly at:

Maghaberry Goal, 17 Old Rd, Lisburn, BT28 2PT, North Ireland.

For more information on John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConnville please see:

Craigavon Two Deserve Justice

Gerry Conlon on the Craigavon Two

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Solidarity with Sardinian Anarchist Prisoner Davide Delogu


On May 21st it was leant the prisoner who had been supporting Davide in his hunger strike protest, both of whom have been in solitary confinement since January, has broken off the protest. However, according to Davide, his comrade remains “in solidarity with me by not taking the lousy food in prison.” Davide, who has spent 20 years in prison and has never bent before the full force of the Italian state, also continues to demand that the prison governor Rizzo come to his cell to explain his decisions instead of sending his minions.

The total isolation to which he has been subjected for months, the continuous renewal of the censorship, the continuous transfers, the withholding of books that are not delivered to him, his deportation from Sardinia, the new protest that he has been carrying out since May 14th … Davide does not know if he can carry all this weight by itself. It’s time for everyone to show their support.

Write to Davide at:

Davide Delogu, C. C. di Palermo Pagliarelli “Antonio Lorusso”, Piazza Pietro Cerulli, 1 – CAP 901299 Palermo (PA), Italia.

Direct your expressions of support for Davide and complaints about his continued isolation to:

Commissario Capo Giuseppe Rizzo
Piazza Pietro Cerulli, 1 – CAP 90129 – Palermo (PA), Italia.
Tel: +39 0916685456

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