Solidarity with Czech Anarchist facing further repression

cropped-BENEFIČNÍ-TRIKA.jpgIt was quite clear, that releasing Lukáš Borl from the prison doesn’t mean the end of another continuing of Fenix operation. More precisely Fenix 2 (The case of Lukas Borl). One of the charges brought against Lukáš is establishing, supporting and spreading a movement leading to suppressing human rights and freedoms. But the police will have kind of a hard time to prove existence of a group, where ther is only one person. Even for terrorism are needed at least three people, every newbie at the police academy knows that. And members of police units are not counted as part of the group! And so genius idea was born and it was clear that at least the second episode of Fenix needs a better reputation. After “unbiased“ judge in Fenix 1 ( the entrapment case where five anarchist facing charges for a “terrorist attack” against the train with military equipment in a state of preparation), who worked 13 years for ÚOOZ (the same unit who infiltrated and later arrested the group), would love to shoot refugees, hates Roma people and very probably women too, and after embarrassing apology from the Ministry of injustice to Igor after Igor was found “innocent” by the supreme court two weeks ago (doesn’t mean much, he still faces the deportation procedure), would policemen look like total losers if they kept claiming that Borl supports movement consisting of himself.

So the police shifted up a gear and came up with a plan. Into Fenix 2 were added four more people. On June 9th the police launched a prosecution against 3 aanarchists and one environmental firebrand, all charged with 16 felonies in total. Those 68 pages of accusation almost sound like a stupid joke if we consider that charges are based on who may wrote what on the internet some years ago, what kind of literature was kept at home or what does he thinks. But unfortunately we know that this is only another repression from the police and those five fellow troublemakers persecuted in Fenix 2 (Lukáš plus four  new ones) face bullying, have to search for lawyers and can end up in jail and that’s where the “fun” stops.

We are actually not kidding at all. After sentence in Aachen, few days ago, against anarchist who was sentenced to 7,5 years, are these accusations showing again and again that any kind of apology from the ministry of justice (as they just sent to Igor) is only a strategic move to legitimize another repression, control and bully. But no state will ever get our legitimacy.

In solidarity with the accused in Felix 1 and Fenix 2, Igor, Warsaw Three,
anarchist sentenced in Aachen and all the other rebels behind the bars. With desire for freedom in our hearts.


More info in english:


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Communique from Antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman: Greek company exploiting slave labour in Bulgarian prison


For many years, longer then I have been in prison there has been a paper bag making company exploiting workers in Sofia Prison – Bulgaria, the name of the company in Bulgaria is MKD96. This company however only caters to overpriced retail shops in Greece and the orders and contracts are organized by a Greek company trading under the name of Τίγκας Θοδωρής.

The two companies are run by the same group of people on both sides of the borders. The company is supposed to pay prisoners per bag they make in two ways. The first payment is that prisoners should be paid per bag they make, the money of course is small as you can imagine. But the real reason prisoners work is because 2 days of work is considered 3 days served off the sentence. But what the National Prison Authority (ГДИН) has done is based what it considers a working day on the minimum wage divided over the working hours. This means that to be considered as having worked a month a prisoners must earn 460 leva (230€). This is impossible for prisoners to achieve as they earn around 5 stotinki a bag (0.25€), this means they must make 460 bags a day at 5 stotinki a bag, equalling 23 leva a day, over 20 days to reach 460 leva a month. This adds up to 9200 paper bags a month which is totally absurd. The average worker in prison can make between 70 and 100 bags a day, less then a quarter of what the company is demanding from its workers.

The situation gets worse, as if slave labour exploitation was bad enough, but if all the workers worked at maximum pace and they made 100 bags a day, it would only be counted as 4 days work on paper, when in actuality they had worked the entire month. Due to this, the company is stealing the paper bags made by some prisoners and submitting them under the names of prisoners who bribe the management of the company. All of this is done with the full protection of the National Prison Authority (ГДИН). The workers submit their paper bags to a manager of the company MKD96 who then falsifies the tally sheet and puts the paper bags made under the name of the prisoner who has paid them to do so. The worker who has had his work stolen from him will not know that his work has been stolen until a month or longer when the work days accumulated are posted on the wall of the prison shop.

It isn’t hard to work out who the prisoners are who have bribed the management as they are the ones who receive more then 4 work days. Said prisoners can earn up to the full month of 22 work days, which would mean that they would have had to have made almost 10 000 bags, which of course is impossible. When these key prisoners have stolen enough paper bags many more paper bags are not declared as having been made by the victim workers because for every bag made the prison receives a percentage. As little paper bags are declared as possible means that the paper bag company MKD96 doesn’t have to pay the prison their percentage and again doesn’t have to pay taxes either. Of course we don’t care about the company MKD96 embezzling from the National Prison Authority – Prison Works Fund (Фонд затворно дело – ГДИН) because this is the most corrupt institution in Bulgaria where millions are embezzled from the taxpayers and prisoners. Of course it can’t be said that we either sympathize with the company MKD96 not paying their taxes, but when they embezzle and tax dodge the work of the prisoners is not recorded and so they are not paid and more importantly they are not accruing work days so as to reduce their time in prison.

The system is the same and has been for years. Some prisoners don’t check their accumulated work days and so don’t know they are being ripped off. Other prisoners when they realize they are being ripped off are lied to and told that it’s a mistake and that the next month they will receive their work days and of course next month they are ripped off again. Some prisoners are bribed with cigarettes and coffee not to complain about the mass embezzlement. Prison workers who accept the cigarettes and coffee payoffs mostly do so because they feel hopeless and that there is no way to fight this company, but this means literally that these prison workers are selling their freedom so that a few fat capitalists in both Greece and Bulgaria can get richer while the workers get poorer and stay in prison longer.

The company MKD96 is well protected by the National Prison Authority (ГДИН) because they also have government contracts. It is the same in Greece as in Bulgaria. Companies get government contracts illegally and then pay back cash to the government workers who approved the contracts in the first place. This company is also protected by the prison administrations as they get massive contracts for printing and making paper products for the state, of course all the contracts are given without the proper application from multiple companies and current and former staff from the prison authorities, work throughout the process skimming the state funds for their own pockets. So there is massive interest from the staff in the National Prison Authority (ГДИН)  to keep this corrupt embezzling machine alive. For sure if the last year is evidence of anything the staff in the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Justice are also participating in these corrupt practices and that is why they witch hunt other staff and prisoners who are pushing for reforms.

Another disgusting aspect of the entire scam is that the paper bags are made to order by overpriced “elite” bourgeois retail outlets. Only so some rich people can put their expensive clothes or shoes in an equally overpriced paper bag with the shop’s logo and design printed on it. None of these ignorant shoppers have any idea the suffering, stress, pain and evil that surrounded their creation. Prisoners are told that if they make these paper bags they will leave prison sooner, they make plans around their early release date. They tell their wives and children that they will be coming home, only when the time comes they are told by the prison administration that they wont be released because the company hasn’t declared the paper bags that they have made for months and months.

This communique is to make comrades in Greece aware of the situation here and to call on them to raise awareness about the activities of the company trading under the name of Τίγκας Θοδωρής. Solidarity actions against this company would also be appreciated and be of great assistance to myself and the other prisoners here at Sofia Prison as well as letting the company know that profiteering from prisoner slave labour is completely unacceptable!

In solidarity,

Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Prison, Bulgaria


Website of Greek company:

Website of  Bulgarian company:

This article was a collaboration between Insurrection News and Mpalothia websites. We thank Mpalothia website for translating the text of anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman into Greek. The Greek version of this text can be viewed here.

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Let’s Communicate: A Statement for June 11th from Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble (USA)


[PDF for printing]

For me communication with comrades on the outside of these prison walls has been key in keeping me on point and sane in this artificial world of all-pervasive domination. We anarchists are not immune to the blues and the sometimes-attractive pull of resignation in the face of dizzying odds.

Communication means more than receiving letters and publications. It means survival. It means resistance. It means saving lives on the margins of prison society.

Through communication and acts of solidarity I have been able to save the lives of queer and non-queer prisoners whose life was threatened because of debts, and yes, drugs for the sick, with funds sent to me by comrades on more than one occasion. Without communication none of this would have been possible.

Communication has allowed me and many others to create projects that “aim toward the destruction of this social order – that is to say an insurrectional anarchist projectuality.”

The point of this brief statement is my attempt to show how far and extensive communication extends for those of us anarchists being held in these man-made tombs.

Communication now needs to extend to the pigs of capital and authority – that no longer will their oppressive, authoritarian and brutal acts go unpunished. Let’s communicate that!

Dare to struggle!

Dare to be free!

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June 11th: International Day of Action with Anarchist Prisoners

IMG_2826.jpgEach year, June 11th serves as a day for us to remember our longest imprisoned anarchist comrades through words, actions and ongoing material support.

Anarchists in Derry took part in a Banner Drop today to high light the continued imprisonment of political prisoners. Several banners, displayed at Free Derry Corner, were used as part of its part in a day of action and international solidarity. For 13 years, anarchists and environmentalists have observed June 11th as a day of action to mobilise around our imprisoned comrades.

IMG_2744.jpgOver that time, the pace of revolt has quickened, with so many uprisings, clashes, attacks, indictments, raids, mass arrests, grand juries, and deaths. In this constantly shifting terrain, it’s easy to lose track of the origins of our traditions. For anarchists our goal is to mark June 11th as we work throughout each year to ensure that our imprisoned comrades will not be forgotten.

bannerdrop3.jpgIn solidarity anarchists locally will continue to support political prisoners and in particular highlighting the ongoing incarceration of Tony Taylor, a local republican activist interned by the British State without charges, without trail or legal justice. For more information on his case and other anarchist prisoners please check out the following links:

Derry Anarchist Black Cross

June 11th


Free Tony Taylor Campaign

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Italy: Scripta Manent – 7 other anarchists charged for subversive association

freeallanarchists.jpgOn Friday morning, June 2nd, the DIGOS [political police] notified the closure of investigations for crimes 270bis (subversive association) and 414 (criminal solicitation) against 7 anarchists, 4 of them are editors of Croce Nera Anarchica [Anarchist Black Cross] and the other 2 of RadioAzione and Anarhija websites, with “aggravating” for terrorist purposes. For 2 of them is added the article 280 (attack with terrorist purpose), regarding an explosive attack signed by FAI/FRI against the courthouse of Civitavecchia.

The notification was not combined with a search and those involved were not arrested.

It seems, from the documents, that these wave of charges, always made by the prosecutor Roberto Maria Sparagna, are an extension of operation Scripta Manent, for which will be held the preliminary hearing at Monday, June 5th.

Updates will follow.

(via Croce Nera Anarchica, translated by Traces Of Fire)

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Our Words are Our Weapons: A Statement for June 11th from anarchist prisoner Sean Swain (USA)


[PDF for printing]

As humans, we are the lucky beneficiaries of three biological developments that greatly contribute to our long-term survivability. The first one is the structure of our jaw which is conducive to eating meat and taking in proteins that non-meat-eating mammals don’t get. That’s the only one of the three that’s irrelevant to the discussion.

The second of the top three biological developments that contribute to our long-term survivability is our cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the outer-most layer of the brain, and is principally responsible for conceptual thought. Because of our cerebral cortex, we can imagine things that we cannot see. We can conceive of stuff we did not experience.

The third biological development that contributes to our long-term survivability is our opposable thumbs. Our opposable thumbs are pretty useful. They gave us the ability to carry things and to share with others. They gave us the ability to use and manipulate tools.

This is really important when you consider that we humans are, really, the least fit for survival on the planet, all things being equal. We are most dependent upon tools, upon stuff outside of ourselves. All other species pretty much get by on what they were born with. You don’t see beavers putting on scuba suits or monkeys in the rain forest wearing rain coats. No other species requires assistance in locomotion or cooks their food on barbecue grills because their digestive tracts are so sensitive. Just us. So, without the opposable thumb to develop all the tools we need, we would have sputtered out a long time ago.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not anthropocentrist. I’m not under any delusion that we humans are the center of the universe. We’re not. We’re not a special or superior form of life. We do have some benefits we developed – our jaws, our cerebral cortexes, and our opposable thumbs – and those have been very useful to us. But, in all fairness, we cannot perform a death-roll like an alligator or race a cheetah across an open plain or go toe-to-toe with a low-land gorilla. So, all other forms of life have their biological developments that have served them quite well too, and ours do not make us superior or special.

That said, of the three biological developments, two of them are relevant. As our meat-conducive jaw-line is not, we can start with our cerebral cortexes.

Because I have a cerebral cortex, I have it within me to imagine, however imperfectly, the experience of fighting the police in Greece and tipping over a cop car – even though I’ve never been there. I can close my eyes and smell the burning gasoline, hear the bewildered screams of a running police officer as he is chased by a masked rebel swinging a tire tool. I can imagine the rush and the thrill, the euphoria of seeing the billowing black smoke rising from the roof of the police station, and realizing what that means.

As humans with our big cerebral cortexes, we have the ability to transmit, one to another, our experiences, our feelings, our ideas. We do that principally through language. Language is a tool for this transmission of experiences and feelings and ideas, from one to another.

For this transmission to work properly, we must have agreement as to what sounds and symbols mean. For instance, if I use the word “elephant,” and by those collections of sounds, I mean to transmit to you the idea of a large, gray mammal with big ears and a long trunk, I have failed miserably if you imagine a yellow piece of fruit shaped sort of like a crescent and serving as a principle staple in the diet of chimpanzees. If I use the word “elephant,” but you imagine what I would otherwise call a banana, then we do not have communication. We have mis-communication.

We need agreement on the meaning of sounds and symbols, and then we can use them as tools – tools that are only properly used when shared. Unlike rakes or shovels or blow-guns, tangible tools, words are intangible tools that really only work in collaboration between two of us. Words are special tools used only in collaboration, which means they can only be used in social spaces, unlike rakes or shovels or blow-guns.

And, again, this all goes back to our cerebral cortexes. If you attempt to communicate some complex story to a golden retriever or to a lizard, you’re likely wasting your time. Not even dolphins or chimpanzees or crows can fully participate in the complex transmission of symbolic thought the way that we can, any more than we can death-roll like alligators or race cheetahs or beat up gorillas. As humans, with our big cerebral cortexes, we are singularly capable of complex transmissions of symbolic thought.

This means we have two different kinds of tools at our disposal. We have tangible tools we can grasp, like rakes and shovels and blow-guns, using our opposable thumbs; we have intangible tools that we can grasp with our cerebral cortexes. And I think it is probably worth mentioning that anything we can use as a tool, we can use as a weapon. That is, a weapon is really only a tool used for inflicting injury. Consider, a rake is a tool used for collecting leaves but can just as easily be used as a weapon to rip someone’s face off. Shovels are useful for digging holes but can also be pretty handy for cracking skulls. As to the argument that pens are mightier than swords, I once saw a guy stabbed in the neck with a pen in the chow hall, and he bled profusely into his mashed potatoes.

All tools are weapons. And I would suggest to you that, in some ways, the intangible tools we grasp with our cerebral cortexes can be immeasurably more dangerous than tools we grasp with our opposable thumbs.

Take, for instance, the weapons that our enemy uses. As I write this, I’m looking out of my cell window at the perimeter vehicle positioned directly across from my cell on the other side of the double fences, and I know that vehicle has a shotgun in the shotgun rack. Although I cannot see them, I know the enemy also has a compliment of Apache attack helicopters somewhere. Off in the distance, as this typewriter pecks out my thoughts onto this handy computer paper, I can hear the staccato pop-pop-pop-pop of shots fired at the not-so-distant firing range where the enemy practices.

But, you know what? I’ve never been shot. In fact, none of the enemy’s agents have ever so much as fired at me. I’ve never even seen the enemy shoot at another prisoner. The reason I have spent twenty-five years in custody without witnessing anyone get shot while trying to hit the fences is that, apart from the shotguns and helicopters, the enemy’s weapons include intangible weapons – the dual ideas of the enemy’s legitimacy and perpetuity.

This is what I mean: I’m surrounded by criminals and law-breakers, but it turns out that most of them broke the laws not because they recognize the laws as illegitimate, but because they generally recognize that the law sucks. Once caught, these same law-breakers recognize the authority of those who claim it and they submit to the punishments imposed on them in the belief that the punishments they receive are legitimate consequences of violating the laws. Further, there exists a shared sense among most prisoners that this system is perpetual, that it will go on forever, that it is immutable, and therefore resistance or efforts to escape would be futile.

These ideas have not been implanted so thoroughly by recourse to rakes and shovels and blow-guns. What the enemy has used is a powerful weapon crafted with words, a weapon called “mythology.” This “mythology” has to some degree paralyzed all of us, more so than we are paralyzed by the actual reality of the threats posed by cops or soldiers or attack helicopters.

This mythology might be the most powerful weapon that the enemy employs, one that we cannot smack with a rake or shovel, or shoot with a blow-gun. We have to attack this false mythology in another way. We have to develop weapons just as powerful, or more powerful, than the enemy’s.

That is, if we want to liberate ourselves and others from this false mythology that keeps us paralyzed, we have to develop a weapon that will work for that purpose, so others can use both their cerebral cortexes and their opposable thumbs in a way that will best bring about the future we would like to make manifest together.

The key to whatever activities we undertake, I think, is to demonstrate to ourselves and to whatever audience might be watching that the enemy’s systems are not legitimate and they are not unassailable. They are illegitimate and fragile.

We have the ability to develop and project an alternative mythology, a different “story to be in,” to borrow a phrase from writer Daniel Quinn. In developing a different story to be in, and in projecting it, we will be taking back from the enemy the power and authority over words, exercising our own power to define what words mean rather than deferring to the enemy’s self-serving use of them. This is a kind of collective “re-orientation” to language itself. By challenging and dismissing the enemy’s claimed legitimacy and perpetuity, we take back our power to form a new narrative, one where the old “good guys” are exposed for the swindle they’ve been committing on us all.

In this struggle between competing narratives, the truth is on our side. And the truth is dangerous.

The fact of the matter is, our enemy’s systems are not perpetual. They will not go on forever. The fact is, humans have been around for about four million years and this hierarch delusion has been foisted upon us for roughly eight thousand years – that’s a fraction of one percent of human existence. That means that humans lived in other ways for the vast majority of our existence. Further, after only eight thousand years, this hierarch delusion is falling apart. Their own experts use terms like “unsustainable,” which means it cannot keep going. It has, in a very short time, done great damage not only to the environment, to the planet we inhabit, but has devastated our ability to live lives of general happiness and purpose. So, this system is not just unraveling before our very eyes, but it is a system we really have no reason to keep around anyway because it has never worked as advertised and it never will.

This thing is about as perpetual as the Titanic.

As to the system’s legitimacy, it seems laughable that some small group of privileged elites should assume some right to rule the vast majority and to impose rules that clearly benefit those who make them. Not only are these elites miserable failures in creating anything that resembles “order” after eight thousand years of passing law after law for achieving the “order” that eludes them, but I am aware of no argument that has ever been presented as to why any of us have some kind of “duty” to obey those we never agreed to obey in the first place. Such a hijacking of our autonomy and freedom can never be “legitimate,” so all such decrees and demands and laws are absolutely unlawful and invalid, serving as nothing more than tools to impose the will of the ruling opportunists onto the rest of us. The fact of the matter is, the true enemies of real peace and real prosperity are those who maintain this oppressive system at our expense.

Everyone alive has a sense of their own suffering and their own trauma, a sense of their own experiences of diminishing returns for their obedience and compliance. What they do not connect is that what they experience is a universal suffering and trauma, to lesser or greater degrees, and that the source of it is the very system of authority they have been indoctrinated to worship. So, if by our words and by our symbolic acts, we can make larger and larger numbers of those currently hypnotized and mesmerized fully aware of the system’s invalidity and vulnerability, we can provoke wider and wider rejection of the system.

This is fatal to the enemy’s program.

Consider, this massive, sprawling, global machine only functions optimally if it manages to maintain a hundred percent participation, all of us performing whatever roles have been assigned to us. That optimum performance is diminished if even one of us stops performing that assigned role, and the machinery gets progressively more clunky and cumbersome with each one of us that bails. Also, it becomes progressively more unmanageable with each of us that becomes actively opposed to the machinery’s operation. That is, the more that we seek to sabotage the operation of the machine, the more that this sprawling system of centralized control and distribution breaks down.

So, we can certainly use our opposable thumbs to pull the proverbial fire alarms in a number of imaginative and highly-disruptive ways, but such actions will not even occur to us until we use our cerebreal cortexes for something other than hat-racks. And that means we have to win the battle of ideas, the war of conflicting narratives.

The hierarch delusion cannot possibly win from here. Every day, there is an increasing dissonance between what the program promises and what it delivers, between the narrative and the reality. Every day, there arise billions of opportunities to puncture the hierarch mythology, not with rakes and shovels and blow-guns, but with words.

Our words are our weapons.

The truth is dangerous.

Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain
Warren Corruptional Institution

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Free Tony Taylor – End Internment Now!


A decision on whether or not Tony Taylor, republican activist from Derry, will have to remain in prison is expected this week, following recent two-day hearing in Belfast into his ongoing internment by the State.

It was back in 2016 (March 10th) Tony was returned to prison on the instructions of the then Secretary of State Theresa Villiers.  At the time the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) at Stormont said his licence was revoked by the Parole Commission because of the risk he posed to the public.

Tony Taylor was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 1994 after he was seriously injured in a premature explosion in the city however he was later released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.  In 2011, he was then sentenced to three years behind bars for possession of a rifle in a case that made history by using covert surveillance evidence gathered by a drone.

A two-day hearing took place at Belfast last week to decide whether or not the father-of-three should be released from prison.  However, despite objections Tony’s legal team were excluded from hearing evidence against him, which was heard in a closed session.

It is understood that decision in the case will be made this coming Wednesday, 7th June 2017.

Irish News Article

Derry Journal Article 

Free Tony Taylor Campaign Website

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